Get the Most out of Your Canoes and Rafting Destinations

How to Get the Most out of Your Canoes and Rafting Destinations

Water sport has over the years become one of the most popular outdoor experiences in the U.S. Not only do paddlers get back to nature while at it, but they also relax body and mind. If you are planning your vacation, it is important to include some canoes and rafting activities. Your family will enjoy the experience and you can bet this will remain the highlight of the trip. Well, canoeing destinations also contribute to conservation efforts all over the country.

Canoes and Rafting History

The International Canoe/kano Federation reckons paddling dates back 6,000-8,000 years back. Man has always been drawn to water and most early civilizations were located near water bodies. While rafters and canoes construction has greatly changed the idea of overpowering water is still part of water sports. Canoes and rafting today has become a popular sport among families.

There are different types of canoes to choose from depending on your unique needs. You can go for expedition boats, recreational canoes, sporting canoes among others. Each comes with its unique design and carrying capacity.

Canoes and Rafting Grading

When choosing your Canoes and kajakk destination, make sure you confirm the rating. The grading is done from 1 to 6. A Class 1 river is easy to conquer and it is perfect for all family getaways. Class VI is for professionals who can handle rapids, rocks and everything rough rivers throw at them. Different sections of a river will have varying grading based on the gradient and obstacles present.

Before setting out for the water, make sure you have all the equipment needed. The safety talks given before every run is crucial and can turn into a lifesaver if things go awry. Some of the critical gear includes splash jackets, wet suits, tørrdrakter, life saver jackets, head gear, gloves and layering.

Top Canoes and Rafting Destinations

Now that you are ready for some canoes and rafting fun, it is time to identify some top spots. Well, every canoeing enthusiast will give you different favorite locations but some of the highly recommended rivers include the Eleven Point National Scenic River, Colorado River, Salmon River, Idaho, Chattooga River, South Carolina, Gauley River, West Virginia and Nahatlatch River, British Columbia among others.

Before setting out, make sure you read testimonials by other canoes and rafting enthusiasts. In addition, make sure you buy quality apparel from top brands to guarantee comfort and safety while on the water.

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